Group Therapy

Group Therapy offers a safe, non-judgemental space to share your thoughts and experiences under the guidance of a trained professional and with the support of a small community.

Group work can be as rewarding and effective as it would be to work with a therapist one to one. There are a variety of benefits to group work:

  • Because you will be sharing the space with others, the cost of attending group therapy much less than paying for one to one Counselling/Therapy.
  • Being in a group offers a supportive environment and a sense of community. It can help with feelings of isolation; knowing that other people have had similar experiences and feelings.
  • Because group therapy is a managed space, facilitated by a trained professional, each member will have a chance to have their voice heard.
  • It can help with relationship, both inside and outside of the group. When you have an opportunity to relate to people in a safe, non-judgemental space, you can receive and offer feedback in a constructive, healthy way.
  • It’s educational: Psychoeducation describes the sharing of ideas and techniques (often led by the Therapist) that helps members of the group to understand what might be going on for them internally. It can also help in understanding the relationships in our lives.

Some groups will a have particular focus, such as addiction or bereavement and other groups will address a variety of subjects, please see the current groups tab for details of groups that are available.

Initial meeting

I offer all new members a free, one to one session in my private therapy room in Hythe. The aim of this meeting is to find out a little more about each other, to discuss what group therapy has to offer in more detail and ensure that it’s right for you before making a commitment.

Please note:

My groups are designed for adults and so you must be 18+ years of age if you would like to attend.

Groups run subject to minimum numbers.

Fees for Group Therapy:

  • An initial 1-2-1 consultation – FREE
  • Fees are £25 per person

Ways to pay

Payment can be made via cash, card or BACS transfer (details available on request).

Things to know

* If paying by bank transfer or a 3rd party will be paying the fees, payment must be made in advance of the sessions.

* Due to the nature of the work and the limited spaces on offer, no refunds can be given for missed sessions.

* Whilst I use a sliding scale for one to one work, group fees are fixed and non-negotiable.

Group therapy is a safe, professionally managed environment. It is common practice to have a therapeutic contract in place that clearly outlines the expectation of members and highlights the responsibilities of all involved.


  • All members agree to respect the privacy of others and to maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • The usual legal and ethical restrictions apply to group work as it does in individual therapy, and any safeguarding concerns will be explored, and where ethically appropriate, details may be disclosed by the Therapist to relevant agencies (in most cases this is a legal requirement). Where possible, these concerns will be discussed with the individuals involved, and in private.


Group therapy becomes more effective as the trust grows within the group, therefore group therapy is a commitment that requires the following:

  • There will be strict boundaries around starting and ending times that each member will be expected to adhere to.
  • In the interest of being fully present, all mobile devices must be switched off (not just on silent/vibrate) for the duration of the session.
  • The individual way that members choose to engage in the process should be respected, with some being more active than others, how each member of the group choosing to use the space is up to them.
  • Regular attendance is crucial in order to build relationships, trust and to demonstrate your commitment to the rest of the group, and every member makes a commitment to attend.
  • In Group Therapy, individuals are encouraged to respond to each other’s stories and experiences. All members agree to be sensitive and respectful of each other and understand that whilst the stories shared may be similar, we all experience things from a unique perspective.

Staying Safe

  • It should be understood that due to the nature of the work, other members of the group may discuss experiences or feelings that are difficult or painful for you to hear.
  • All members are entitled to be heard, without interruption or judgement.

The role of the Therapist

  • The role of the Therapist is a facilitative one, and they will be responsible for ensuring that the group is a safe space. They will encourage depth, understanding and solidarity within the group, and occasionally adopt a teaching role to share theory and techniques with the group.

Current Groups

Group size 6-8      Duration Open-ended       Commitment Once weekly      Location Hythe, Kent

Everyone will experience a feeling of ‘stuckness’ in their lives at some point or another, and often to varying degrees. This ‘existential crisis’ can be fleeting or profoundly stuck and affects everyone in different ways.

This group is for people who feel unable to shake the feeling of ‘not knowing where their life is going’ and having the sense of helplessness that comes with it. Being together in a group can help to overcome the sense of isolation that many of us experience, and through the development of meaningful relationships, we can build a sense of community, nurturing a sense of collective and individual purpose.

With Existential Counselling being a core element of my model, I encourage the group to consider choices, possibilities and the responsibility that we all have to make life as rich, diverse and rewarding as we can, despite the difficulties that it throws at us.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this group please contact me by clicking here

Group size 6-14      Duration Open-ended       Commitment Once monthly       Location Hythe, Kent