*06/06/18 – Please note that I am not currently available to take on new clients, however you are welcome to contact me and I will add you to a waiting list*

Personal Counselling

Working in Hythe, Kent, I provide a Counselling service that offers professional therapeutic support in a face to face setting and at a reasonable cost.

Counselling Room pic

What is Counselling?

Life isn’t always easy or straightforward and Counselling offers you a safe place in which to talk about any distressing, painful or confusing feelings that you may be experiencing. It offers a regular, confidential space and is non-judgemental, I have worked with a diverse range of clients and so you can talk about anything you feel you need to. I will work with you to develop your sense of where you are in life and to consider your options; I will never tell you how you live your life.

My Approach – Integrative Counselling

Counsellors are a diverse bunch and I will likely work in a different way to other Counsellors in the area, even if we work to the same theory. The approach that I take is a flexible one and I will adapt to the person that I am working with, having said that I generally focus on what it’s like to be you. Most people attend Counselling with a goal, something that they want to understand, or a part of their life that they want to change, in knowing yourself better you can shift your perspectives and this can help you to feel less stuck, making decisions easier and your sense of meaning and purpose, less clouded. My work is open-ended, meaning that we will work at a pace that suits you and you can have as many or few sessions as you need.

I respect the privacy of all my clients and so the service I offer is confidential; we will discuss this in our first session and you will have a chance to ask any questions.

If you are interested in the technicalities of my theoretical approach, I am a (deep breath) Existential-Psychodynamic Counsellor with a Pluralistic attitude to working; in all honesty, though, it’s the relationship between us that’s really important.

I have an Advanced DBS Certificate and I am happy to work with people aged 12 years and up.

My standard fee for a 50-minute session is £40, however I offer a sliding fee for individuals on a low income. 

Counselling for Trainees

If you are a Trainee working towards a qualification in Counselling (usually a Level 4 Diploma) I would be more than happy to work with you. As well as my experience of working with a wide and diverse client base, I am also a qualified teacher with experience of facilitating both the level 3 and 4 counselling courses. I have a good working knowledge of the course requirements and the needs of learners at the various stage of their training. Please feel free to contact me with regards to fee concessions and to organise an assessment.

Outdoor Therapy

I also offer an outdoor form of therapy, which you can find out about by clicking here.

My Professional Status

I am a Qualified Counsellor (L4 Dip. Counselling) & Clinical Supervisor (L6 Dip. Supervision). I am also an Accredited Registrant of the National Counselling Society.