Sustainability Pledge

Sustainability Pledge

As a conscientious learning provider, I aim to have as low an impact as possible to contribute towards the care of our natural environment as often as I can, with this in mind I have developed and will continue to add to the following policies:

When I choose a venue or supplier,  I take their ethical stance into consideration. I prefer to work with fair, low impact, planet-friendly members of the community.

I will always source my electricity & gas from a reputable, green energy supplier. NLangley Counselling is currently supplied with 100% green energy and will continue to be in the future.

I like to offer my clients a drink, and as part of my commitment to reducing environmental impact, I avoid dairy and other animal-based products. Planet & animal-friendly alternatives will be provided, or you are welcome to have one of my various herbal teas.

Something that I haven’t thought of? Feel free to drop me an email!